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We specialize our services to best meet your goals and your dogs needs! Take look below at the types of training services we offer.

Does your dog know...

  • sit

  • down

  • heel

  • place

  • recall

  • wait

  • leave it 

  • out

Ask us about our basic, intermediate or advanced obedience packages!

Does your dog....

  • excessively bark?

  • jumping on visitors?

  • show aggression towards other dogs? 

  • show aggression towards people?

  • jump on the furniture?

  • continuously pull the leash on walks?

  • chew on furniture or shoes?

  • dig in the yard?

Ask us about behavior modification!

Are you interested in any K9 sports.....

  • bite work

  • scent work

  • agility

  • tracking


Pricing varies depending on location and type of service you choose to proceed with 

If you do not see a specific training service listed above, feel free to give us a call or fill out a contact form located under "contact us"​

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